Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

Most of us face difficult periods at some stage in our lives, but we don't need to face these alone.

We have experienced psychologists who can assist you to better understand yourself, overcome limiting beliefs and patterns, and self develop to grow from difficult life events.

Our psychologists provide evidence-based therapy for a range of difficulties, including:


   Anxiety related issues

   Stress and pressure

   Job burnout prevention, interventions and relapse prevention

   Trauma related difficulties

   Workplace bullying

   Personality issues

   Workplace stressors

   Anger management

   Post-traumatic growth

   Relationship difficulties

people Development

Every organisation has the potential to grow, create social good and thrive.

We understand what motivates team members and leaders, and what assists them to experience healthy collaboration, positive engagement and job satisfaction.

We have expertise in capability and people development, and we tailor strategies to your team, enabling principle-based and values-driven decision making, and fostering mental health and physical health through our holistic approaches.

We work with you to co-create and enhance your organisational capability through staff engagement and transformational leadership through the following types of strategies:

Bespoke teamwork and leadership development programmes.

Training and workshop facilitation (including getting the best out of your teams, having effective performance conversations, collaboration in the workplace, personalities in the workplace, mental health awareness, stress management & change leadership). 

Organisational mental health checks, education, and interventions.

Organisational change advice, strategies and programmes.

Personality assessments.

Strengths-based applied Positive Psychology.

Manage early warning mental health signs and enhance staff performance. 

Psychological assessments and return to work interventions

Mental skills training for teams.

Mindfulness and Wellbeing Workshop June 2018

high Performance Psychology

We work with you to tap into your true potential, help you feel connected and fulfilled, and help you find meaning and purpose in life!

We do this through such principles as applied Positive Psychology and transformational leadership, by helping you clarify your personal strengths, values and goals. 

We focus our approaches on the applied Positive Psychology pillars of positive emotions, positive relationships, positive achievements, purpose and meaning.

We collaborate with fitness coaches, nutritionists and other specialists to optimise your health and fitness, and help you reach your goals and create more happiness.

Our service for you include:

   Leadership development.

   Personality assessments.

   Strengths-based Positive Psychology.

   Career, life & performance coaching.

   Mental skills training for individuals & teams.

   Facilitate peak performance & personal best.

   Psychological flexibility & mindfulness.

   Team building programmes.

   Identify early warning signs and enhance staff performance.

Education & training for fitness and allied health professional to help clients overcome psychosocial barriers that impede outcomes. 


Nutrition & Wellbeing Coaching

Tailored multi-disciplinary team approach for your health, fitness and personal best.

   Personalised health and fitness programs.

   Personal training & groups sessions

·      Beginner to advanced

·      Young to older adults

·      Weight loss

·      Strength & power

·      Endurance

·      Longevity

   Clarify and overcome barriers to achieve your health and lifestyle goals.

   Enhance your self-belief and be the person that you want to be.